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Pat's sessions had a very positive impact on my outlook post-cancer. Pat's calm, kind, and gentle manner created a safe and warm atmosphere to begin to find direction. I realized that I wasn't alone in searching for a "new normal"; that searching for "new normal was, in fact, normal!" Janet, Kennebunk, ME

Who doesn’t want a better life?

The hard part is finding out what that means for you and how to make it happen. It often involves change, challenge and choices, which can seem overwhelming. Not going through it alone can make a world of difference.

Having just the right person to talk with who will listen, understand, give honest feedback, challenge you, and offer perspective and accountability would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? That is precisely what a Life Coach is prepared to do!

Pat Grosser is committed to helping clients look at where they are, where they want to be, what will get them there, and what is getting in their way. Then she is right there to see them all the way to through to the life they want. Making life changes is not always easy or comfortable, but it is often very rewarding and exciting. Whether your change has been thrust upon you by something like cancer or reaching a new season in your life, or because you want to live out your faith with balance and joy, or just because you want something more, coaching can help.

But it can only help if you make that critical decision to do something about it. Contact Pat Grosser today to set up a complimentary phone consultation that will cost you nothing more than 30 minutes of your time. We can get to know a little about one another and discuss how coaching could work well in your life. Only you can decide to initiate the coaching process; I can help you achieve results. Coaching together might just be the start of something grand!

Invest in your future now and reap the benefits for the rest of your life. Coaching is an investment in your future!




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